Let's make a difference through knitting! At The Wool Club we believe in being kind and mindful, in making conscious choices, in giving back to our community, and in treating others and the world we live in with respect. With our #knitadifference program we aim to contribute a small part to the progress towards equality and sustainability. The proceeds made through our #knitadifference patterns will go to four carefully selected organizations. Find out more about the organizations we support by clicking on the photos. One spot is reserved for our community pick. Is there an organization near and dear to your heart that you would like to introduce the community to? Please submit your suggestions for the #knitadifference community pick here!

You'll find all Knit A Difference patterns through this link.


We support:


We believe in transparency and freedom, in empowering communities, in supporting diversity and in defending civil rights.

Particularly from the perspective of working with animal fibres on a daily basis, the ethical treatment of animals is a very important cause to us.

Women's rights are human rights. UN Women work towards equality and empowerment and are responsible for campaigns like He for She.

Submissions for this winter's community pick are open until December 15.