An Outfit to Get Our First Ever Christmas Tree!


Since we always spend Christmas with our family, we haven't been at our own home for Christmas once, and with Christmas trees being traditionally put up not earlier than December 22, it felt kind of pointless to get pur own tree in the previous years. But then we realized that we actually could get wild and make up our own rules! So we got our first very own Christmas tree today, and put it up even though it's still November. Crazy, huh? To mark the occasion, I wore my beloved Hess Natur plaid flannel shirt dress (no longer available, but similar dresses can be found herehere or here) with what's most likely the softest thing in my wardrobe: my Urbanara cashmere pullover (it's the midnight blue version, in case the November light is as hard on your eyes as it is on mine). They kept me warm and cosy on our search for the perfect, organic & locally grown tree, so much so that we even decided to defy the cold a little longer to share a portion of French fries. Whenever I wear this outfit, I feel put together and like secretly going out in pyjamas at the same time, which is definitely compatible with having French fries for lunch. Wishing you a lovely last day of November!