Fair Fashion Favourites: Coats

Are there any wardrobe items you find particularly hard to shop for? For me it has to been coats and jeans - maybe it's because they have to fit in with the rest of our clothes more than other pieces have to (or maybe I'm just picky?). While it might take me a while to find exactly what I'm looking for, I love browsing through different options and narrowing them down to a few favourites. When I talk to friends, I often hear people say how they'd love to add more fair fashion pieces to their wardrobes, but don't always find something that works with their style or wallet, so I thought I'll start sharing curated favourites of mine. The wheather is perfect for those long walks right now here in Berlin, and temperatures around 15°C got me thinking about coats. These days I'm wearing my beloved Hess Natur black wool coat that is unfortunately not available anymore and I'll switch to my Fjallräven Parka (7) once it gets colder, but I did find quite a few other gems that I'd add to my wardrobe in the blink of any eye (with 1, 5 and 11 being my favourites - the latter comes in a huge variety of coulours!). So without further ado, here's a round-up of this season's favourites! Which one do you like best? And is there a specific type of garment you'd like me to cover next? I'd love to hear!



Hess Natur (679.00€)

Armedangels (159.90€)

Vivanda (99.95€)



Hess Natur (349.00€)

Lanius (299.90)

People Tree (229.00€)



Fjallräven (479.95€)

Armedangels (199.90€)

Armedangels (279.90€)




Hess Natur (349.00€)

Lanius (329.90€)

12 | LangerChen (298.00€)