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My name is Verena and I am the founder and owner of The Wool Club, a Berlin based company focusing on sustainable, fair and eco-friendly making & living and modern, minimalist knitwear designs for everyday favourite pieces.

From the moment I first fell in love with knitting, it felt like something that would bring a lot of joy into my life, and this ultimately led to founding my own small business and quitting my job in educational research a little later at the end of 2016. It's a decision that has made me happy every day ever since, and I have never looked back!

Reflecting on the inspiration behind my knitwear designs and the core reason why I make, I found the deep desire to work towards more sustainability in living and making within me. With the designs I create, I aim to enable and inspire knitters to make pieces that are minimalist and versatile enough to be loved and worn for a long, long time (think wardrobe staples!), and to showcase natural, sustainably and ethically made yarns.


Sustainability in all aspects of life is something I care about deeply, and my work reflects this holistic view. With my company, I aim to contribute our part to a more sustainable, fair and eco-friendly way of working, making and living. To me, that means covering and connecting a range of topics, including (but not limited to) making, fashion, beauty, and home & living, and contributing to the discussion on how they relate to sustainability. At The Wool Club, we believe in being kind and mindful and are passionate about high quality, ethically made materials, about supporting small businesses and about growing this amazing community of creatives and makers of all kinds. Treating everyone around us and the world we live in with respect and future generations in mind plays a huge role in that, and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to incorporate this core value into my everyday work.

Our website is intended to be a space where you can learn more about our work, catch a glimpse behind the scenes of everything happening here at The Wool Club and find interesting tutorials and content on all things sustainable, mindful living and making. The Wool Club is a quickly growing company (which is truly amazing!) and I'd love to invite you to explore the options of getting involved and collaborating.

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